Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blog-Temper Day 22 | Hello Fall!

I am a bit late to getting this posted! Today I had to take a 4 hours timed mock exam as I continue the steep climb to being a licensed therapist. It was mind-numbing and terribly long. I felt completely brain dead and deprived of any intellectual ability (even a blog as cheery as this!) So I took my pup to the beach for some fresh air and now I feel renewed and ready to form sentences again. :)

Every year I look forward to this prompt! I love talking about fall! Seasons as in my blood as a midwest girl but living in San Diego has made me keen on observing even the smallest changes in the weather. I am sad that next week we are schedule for 90 degree weather. #ugh. But it won't stop me from celebrating this season. 

Today's Prompt: Fall Favorites. Share your must-haves for the season. 

Fall greeting cards, chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins, crunchy leaves
Leggings, scarves, boots, fireplaces.
Empty beaches, rainy days, pumpkin spice everything.
Savory soups, Thanksgiving, Hallmark movies.
Apple cider, being warm and cozy, grinning pumpkins.
My birthday, anticipation of holidays, new planners.
Fall scented candles, celebrating with friends, more popcorn. 

What about fall is your favorite?

1 comment:

  1. I think I would pick the same ones as you! Except maybe adding reading a cheesy favorite book next to a roaring fire with hot cocoa... and funny scarecrows.