Monday, September 24, 2012

Coffee: the new love language

Coffee is my love language.

People take tests about love languages and analyze the specific type of way they give and receive love.

However I have come to terms with my personal way of receiving love: coffee.

When all else fails in life, coffee is still there. There are still coffee shops on my street and Starbucks around the corner.

Everything in my life can change and turn upside down but coffee is like a trusted loyal friend.

This summer I have been spending a lot of my time alone during the day job searching. When I feel like I can’t take it anymore inside my apartment alone pouring over job applications, I throw off the boxers, shower and head to a coffee shop to get some inspiration.

Sometimes I plant myself next to a window and just drink my coffee and do nothing else. Somehow I am able to breathe and get enough perspective to continue to move forward in life.

This past weekend I flew out for my roommate’s (now ex!) wedding in Minnesota to be a bridesmaid. I love going back to Minnesota for a number of reasons but one of the large reasons are the coffee shops. Caribou Coffee in Minnesota is the equivalent to Starbucks in San Diego. They are around every corner. Dunn Brothers has the best cold press I have ever tried. Lastly Waconia, a town of 10,000 (but it feels more like 20) just west of the twin cities has a place called Mocha Monkey. In college I would come here to write and sip a yerba matte chai or get a mocha. 

My ex-roomie, Janice who just got married added to my addiction of coffee. In the mornings I would wake up to the smell of coffee, and find her sitting in her robe on our sofa, blank stare on her face, coffee in hand. It was one of the rare moments I would see her sit still and do nothing.

The first time, Scott, my fiancé, came to my door with a vanilla latte in hand, you would have thought he had come to the door with a diamond ring and a dozen roses. But no, just coffee. However to me, it was not just coffee. It told me he understand me, cared about me, thought about me, and the effect of the morning buzz was lasting as we got into the car and drove off to Julian for the day for a picnic.

When I graduated in June, my family and friends all got me Starbucks gift cards. I am still benefiting from all those gift cards! This time of year they are especially important to me because of the holiday drinks. The pumpkin spice latte literally makes my day.

I guess the thing about love languages and coffee that correlate is that coffee is something you can taste, touch, smell. It’s something that is given, it’s an act of service and a gift simultaneously. It speaks non-verbal words of affirmation and often it brings people together for quality time.

It’s ridiculous when I think about it. But then again in life you have to notice the little things that make you happy. Often it’s not the big things, but the little things that maximize pleasure and satisfaction in life. It’s taking the time to breathe, relax and realize that those little things are out there to add brightness to the day.