Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 27 | Laughing and Crying

I am becoming painfully slow at getting my prompts out in a timely manner as my state exam looms closer and closer. Only 6 days left! Today was my final mock exam and for the rest of the week I'll be reviewing and studying all the material. I can't wait for it to be done! Naturally it was good to think about the last time I laughed.

Today's Prompt: Something that made you laugh or cry recently. It could be a video, a picture, a post, a memory, anything that moved you. 

I love humor and comedy so much. These two videos made Scott and I laugh so much. No matter what your views are politically I'm sure you'll find a couple things pretty humorous about the videos below. :)




I really struggle to cry at appropriate moments you guys. I've never been the type to cry through a wedding or a chick flick or during a graduation. I don't cry in hospitals or at baby showers or at anniversaries. Sometimes I really wish the tears would just form. I couldn't even cry when Scott proposed! I become emotionally constipated for some reason during big major life events.

This isn't to say I don't cry! I totally do. It's just during times when I feel deeply and intensely and my feelings get stuck inside of me.

I also am known to laugh when it's very VERY serious. Sometimes I'll laugh so hard I'll cry. And usually I'm glad I look like I'm crying because it's very embarrassing to be laughing so hard during a church service or a business meeting.

What has made you laugh and cry recently?


  1. I think you've invented a new insightful term - "emotionally constipated." That made me laugh. I cried tears of happiness the other day just thinking about how insignificant I am, and how I'm still too blessed to stress.

  2. Hi Heather, oh my I loved those videos! From across the pond (and I mean no offence seriously) most people in the UK are wondering how you guys have ended up with two such completely unelectable candidates. I don't envy you your choice at all :/ Politics (on both sides of the pond) these days seems to present us too often with the option of choosing between the least bad candidates. What drives me crazy isn't people being offended, it's people being offended on behalf of others! How did that ever become a thing? The world is a strange place :) "Emotionally constipated" has to be my favourite new phrase! I'm reading this in the wee small hours and I woke Jade (altho oddly enough not Hubby lol) up with my trying, and failing, not to laugh when I read that :) OK, to prove you're not alone in laughing when it's completely inappropriate... I can remember being in a store one afternoon and seeing a lady come up the escalator and instead of stepping off she did such a perfect fall forward, landed and quickly got up, unhurt but looking around her to see if anyone had seen. Think Maggie Simpson, exactly that, come to life, right in front of me. Well that's what my mind played in my head, Maggie reaching the top of the escalator and falling over with a funny noise, well, I laughed. Loudly, I mean like really loudly, and as if that wasn't bad enough (and it so was!) I pointed too! OMG that poor lady! she gave me such an awful look and stomped off while I was literally crying because I was trying so hard to stop laughing and to apologize to her! I still feel so guilty when I think about it although I have to admit I did just laugh my head off again typing this for you, I'm a horrible person! :) Huggles always dear wee friend xx