About Me


My name is Heather! I am so glad you decided to stop by.

I AM: beloved. I am an irreplaceable and priceless gem. I am shot through with all that is divine and bear the image of God. I am a human who feels deeply.

I DO: therapy. I do art. I do writing. I do education and learning. I do creativity and exploring. I do nature.

I NEED: Coffee and a puppy. Probably in that order. I need what all humans need; connection, love, acceptance. I need respect and meaning and a whole bundle of self-compassion. I need community and Jesus. I need a good story (and a cold brew latte) and lots of funny humor.

I WANT: you to know you are not alone. And it's okay to live inside your story. Inside your story is something stunning. It's you. It's your true self. Embrace your unfiltered self, your true needs and your deep passions.  I'll try to do the same through my blog posts.

I BELIEVE: we are resilient enough to face our feelings, to change, to grow and to heal. I believe that Jesus likes us and loves us. I believe that God isn't scared of our mess, mire or mirk. I think She is well versed in the darkness and continues to speak into our hearts, "Let there be light". She's the best.

So let's take a deep breath, grab our favorite drinks and get to it!~

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