Saturday, September 3, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 3 | Summer Favorites

Today’s Prompt: Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from this season

I’m way more of a fall girl. I love chilly nights, scarves and boots, crackling fires and the anticipation of the holidays. Blistering hot days and nights are really not my thing. And congested traffic due to tourism makes me want to hide out until every last beach towel vacates the beach. 

But this summer I am grateful to say I was able to do so many fun things! Scott and I were gone a total of 6 weeks this summer which enabled us to have many adventures. I'm grateful we were able to "play" so much because studying for state exams can be very dry.

 Here are some of my favorites!

  • Feeding the horses at Lost Canyon Camp.
  • Shopping with my mom and my auntie for fall decorations.
  • Thunderstorms at Lost Canyon Camp.
  • Seeing the seals in Monterey.
  • Being a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding.
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon with Scott for the first time!
  • Flying to Florida to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday!
  • Staying at our cabins in Minnesota for a family reunion and seeing all my cousins.
  • Paddle boarding with Scotty.
  • Zip lining through trees and lakes at Lost Canyon Camp.
  • Fishing with Scotty and my best friend's parents on their lake in Minnesota.
  • Meeting my new baby nephew, Anson.
  • Jet skiing and inner-tubing with my sisters.
  • Passing my Law and Ethics Exam!
  • Being asked to be a godparent by some of our very good friends.
  • Pool parties.
  • Organ concerts with Scott and Lenny at dusk.
  • Fiesta Island walks with Lenny and Scott.

What were your summer favorites? Did we share any similar activities? 


  1. You had so many fun summer memories! I went zip lining in Mexico about 5 years ago and I that's when I realized I had a fear of heights! lol, it was freaky and I felt like a dork since everyone else was having a fun time and I was praying to stay alive. And how fun that you got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time! It is quite a beautiful sight!

    1. Haha! Well I totally get it. I was very scared and was considering running back down the mountain. lol. It's just not normal to jump into thin air ya know?! :)

  2. Sweet Summer I will miss you! But, I'm with you WELCOME Fall🍁🍂🦃

    1. Yay! Bring on the cozy fall season! Love you!