Monday, September 5, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 5 | Memorable Birthday

Happy Day 5 of the Blog-Tember Challenge! This is a great chance to get into the rhythm of writing something every day. It's not too late to join!  Click the link to see all the daily prompts for September. Big thanks to Bailey over at Brave Love Blog for all the creative prompts and hosting such a fun challenge.

Today's Prompt: What was your most memorable birthday?

I love this prompt! This morning over breakfast I told Scott about the prompt. He responded so quickly and excitedly, "My 5th birthday, that was my favorite". He went on to tell me about the park where he had his party and about the stuffed bear his parents gave him affectionately known as "bubby".

I love birthdays. I will be 99 and still get excited about the festivities. I know some people as they grow up become more chill and relaxed and mature about birthdays. But sadly I am not one of those people. I am all about presents, friends and party favors. My family was all about birthdays too and every year we picked out the menu for our dinner, the type of party we wanted, the theme, the decorations and the invites. We had so much fun doing it. I had birthday themed tea-parties where my mom got out all of her antique china for my friends and I, we went TP(ing) friends' houses, played Capture the Flag, had sweet sixteen birthday parties and many more.

So naturally as I grew up and moved away from Nebraska to Minnesota and then unto San Diego for graduate school; it would have been normal for me to adjust my expectations for birthday parties. But I didn't. Haha. Thankfully I had a super party-planner(ish) roommate in Janice.

One of my most memorable birthdays was my 25th birthday. At the time my sister, Brooke was going to college in Oklahoma and I was in graduate school in San Diego. I remember so vividly coming home from night class, walking in the door and seeing purple and blue streamers and balloons. I saw Janice looking chipper despite it being 10 pm at night (those night classes!) And all of a sudden there was my sister standing there amidst balloons and streamers. I think I just stared at her in confusion wondering how she magically appeared in my kitchen. I had just talked to her earlier that day in Oklahoma (so I thought, she was at the airport). I couldn't understand how she developed teleportation so quickly. lol. Needless to say I was beyond thrilled she would come surprise me for my 25th birthday. It meant so much to me.

Janice (my roomie) had a big weekend planned for me. She had a Luchadore themed party complete with Mexican food, party favors and a Luchadore thumb wrestling war. I would like to say I won but I can't remember but I do remember how cute they were.

My love language is largely words of affirmation so when Janice and all my friends put together 25 reasons I would rock 25 I was really touched. My love tank was so full.

I think Janice even managed to create some kind of purple colored cocktail. We ended by watching Nacho Libre. I felt so lucky+grateful to have the kind of friends and sister who would plan such an amazing party for me.

I have successfully surprised my other sister, Jess, twice now. (one for her high-school graduation and two for her college graduation) I have yet to surprise Brooke but there's still plenty of time (muhahahha).

It was certainly hard to pick one because I've had so many wonderful birthdays! This past year I turned 30 and Scott and my good friend Abby threw me an amazing party (complete with shrimp:my favorite and lots of written verbal affirmation). This year I'll turn 31 and three days later we fly off to London so it's bound to be another good one :)

I'm excited to hear about your favorite birthdays!


  1. It looks like 25 is a great year to be surprised! My husband surprised me with a little getaway for my 25th birthday. So thoughtful of your sister and roommate to plan such a thing. :) Visiting from the linkup!

    1. Thanks for visiting Kelly! So sweet of your husband to surprise you with a getaway oxox. Off to explore your blog!

  2. Hi Heather, what a wonderful birthday surprise! It was so sweet of your friend & sister to plan your surprise party and it looks as if you had so much fun :) Heaps of huggles always xxx