Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blog-Tember day 29 | Top Five Blogs

Better late than never right?! I'm just minutes before midnight but I'm going to make it! I can't wait for my licensure exam to be over so I can go back and read all of the last couple prompts from all my blogging friends out there! 

Today's Prompt: Your Fab Five. Share Your Favorite Bloggers:

Her blog is fantastic. I've read both her books, Carry on Warrior and Love Warrior and they are both amazing. She is such a courageous truth teller. She reminds me that rock bottom is not the worst thing to experience and that we are not alone. 

I love Rosie's blog! She writes about books, home organization, cooking, her sweet hubby and sweet baby, Jade. She battles so much chronic pain and still manages to be so generous and kind to those around her. She is a gem and the sweetest soul. I always feel right at home when I visit her blog. 

Rachel's blog always makes me think! She writes about theology, gender roles,feminism, politics and other controversial subjects in the faith community. I love her ability to think outside the box and challenge ways of thinking that are harmful. 

 Krysti is my fellow book lover, feminist, investigator and friend. She writes about her thoughts on life, faith and passion. She writes with wit, sass and integrity (all things that I adore). 

Leanna's beautiful words and stories inspire me. She has written Found Art, Breathing Room and Brazen; of which I have read and loved. 


  1. Oh Heather! I don't know what to say! Thank you! You're an angel to say such sweet things and they mean more to me than I can say xx Thank you dear one, sending heaps and heaps of huggles always xxx

    1. Well it just the truth, you are one of my "go to" and favorite blogs :) Your blogs are so hospitable and warm and cozy oxoxo