Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 7 | There Is Strength In Joy

Today's Prompt: Five Things That Bring You Joy

  1. Sending and Receiving Mail. I adore snail mail. It is a day maker to recevie letters in the mail or little packages. I have to say my mom and Grandma instilled this in me at a young age. My mom was always hunting around the store for prizes to send her sisters in the mail. I grew up with my Grandma sending bright orange Halloween cards adn the largest bursting with chocolate Easter boxes. Every fall, I am on the look out for the best greeting cards to send family and friends. 
  2. Playing with Art Supplies. I love to roam around Target or Michaels and just look at their rows of paint, markers, brushes, journals and most of all; WASHI TAPE. I put this tape on everything. I make cards out of it, stick it on my journals, wrap it around clothespins and use it to spice up decorations. It is so fun. If you'd let me I would stick it on your face. 
  3. Dinners with Friends. A home-cooked meal or going out to Ramen, Thai or Pho are some of my favorites. My friends and family are some of the best hosts I know. It always tastes neeter to me when I'm not the one cooking. Sharing a meal and sharing life always feels rich and glorious to me. I like it best when there are no time constraints and we can enjoy a drink with dinner and look forward to desert. 
  4. Reading + Nature. I know I cheated but I had to figure out how to add books and being outside so I merged them together. Reading and being near a lake, a garden, or the bay brings me so much joy. There's nothing like a fresh breeze and listening to trees rustling above my head. I will read anywhere and everywhere. Thankfully I don't get motion sickness so I'm serious when I say I read everywhere...the train, car, plane, waiting for doctor appointments quietly or in a loud noisy coffee shop. If it's a good book, nothing will distract me. But I must say, reading in a hammock overlooking a Minnesotan lake was pretty luxurious. 
  5. My Puppy. We have had Lenny now for 6 months and he has brought us so much JOY. I knew having a dog would be absolutely wonderful. I grew up with a big friendly labrador and have been pinning away for a puppy in my adult life ever since. I can't even begin to describe how much Lenny means to us. I know dog owners totally get this mad crazy love but I sometimes feel very silly when talking to people who don't have puppies. I fear they'll think I'm obsessed with my fuzzy-headed animal #whichiam. I have 500 millions pictures of him on my phone and as soon as Scott leaves for work I send a picture of Lenny. HERE HE IS SLEEPING. HERE HE IS EATING. HERE HE IS PLAYING WITH HIS TOY. HERE HE IS!!!! Then my husband texts back, "LITTLE GUY!!!! HE'S SO CUTE!!!! Then a whole five minutes later he asks how Lenny is doing. What's he up to? Where has he been? What are his new hobbies? We're normal. 

What brings you joy?


  1. Ah, YES reading outside is such a joy!! I haven't read in a hammock but I could imagine that is ultimate bliss! I love reading at the beach or by a lake! Any good books you read lately?

  2. How could I forget mail?! That's one of my favorite things!

  3. Hi Heather, what a wonderful list!! You made me smile, Lenny is just adorable :) I love that you both adore Lenny as much as Hubby & I do our furbaby Jade :) She is the centre of our home, bless her :) Reading outside is another favourite on a warm sunny day with only the birds singing and maybe a warm breeze, heavenly! Huggles always honey xxx

  4. I have so many joys it's hard to pick! This is a great writing prompt. If I absolutely had to pick just one, it would be the joy that comes with family and friends.