Sunday, September 11, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 11 | I love you Instagram

Today's Prompt: Round up your favorite Instagrammars! Who should we follow?

WHO: Glennon Doyle Melton
WHAT: Founder of Momastery & Together Rising. Author of Carry On Warrior and Love Warrior.
WHERE: Find her at glennondoylmelton
WHY: AWWWWW...she is a amazing! I saw her speak about a year ago and her most recent book just came out, Love Warrior. You guys, I read it in a ONE day!!! I could not put it down. Glennon is a recovering "everything" she says and shares her struggles openly. She is upfront about her struggle with anxiety, depression, and her recovery from bulimia and addiction to alcohol. Her blog and Instagram always encourage me to have hope and to know that love always wins.

WHO: Puppies of Instagram:
WHAT: Meet your squad goals but adding puppies.
WHERE: Find them at puppiesofinstagram
WHY: Cause if you need some fuzzy cuteness in your day, this is the place to go!

WHO: Coffeesim
WHAT: A subscription for the coffee lover in you, delivered fresh to your front door every month
WHERE: Find them at mycoffeeism
WHY: Honestly, I'm not a subscriber. I just LOVE their coffee pictures :)

WHO: Megan Jayne Crabbe
WHAT: Body Positive Feminist ED Warrior
WHERE: Find her at bodyposipanda
WHY: Megan is such a courageous and brave soul! She recovered from anorexia a couple years ago and wanted to create an Instagram to help promote body positivity. Her Instagram has blown up due to her courage and vulnerability. She is a big fan of the belly roll love, exposing diet industry lies and wearing pastels. She has inspired me so much and I know helps so many others learn to stop hating their bodies and instead start loving them.

Who do you follow on Instagram? I'm excited to find out! I haven't found a travel one I really like or a comic relief one so if you guys have any suggestions I'd love them!


  1. Love the body image idea! So good for our girls!!

  2. I love this blog-tember because it has me loving all sorts of new blogs! I am off to check out these IG accounts now! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Heather! You're on Instagram? I just looked and can't find you, there are so many Heathers there! Help! What's your addy please so I can follow? Fabulous choices for today's prompts, thank you for sharing honey, huggles xx
    ps: in an effort to catch up with blogtember (after a horrendously busy weekend) I've just written 3 posts today! eeek! :) Now I just have to try to catch up with everyone else's posts from over the weekend :)