Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blog-Tember Day 10 | A Day in the Life : Saturday

You guys! We've made it 10 days of blogging! High five to us! We are 1/3 of the way there. I love this writing challenge. When I first started this challenge 3 years ago I figured it would help my writing but it's also helped me look at photography differently too. People love to visualize what you're writing. I might be a true amateur photographer but I've sure enjoyed it.

Today's Prompt: A Day In Your Life. Take Us Through it With You By Sharing A Photo Each Hour Of The Day

Well it's Saturday so this will be tricky as my Saturday changes from weekend to weekend but it will be fun to share! On Saturdays Scott and I sleep in (at least I do), get coffee at local spot and spend time reading there, walk Lenny and spend time with friends. We try to keep it fun and light so we can recover from the week!

9:00 am: Wake Up. I woke up with a headache which is the WORST so I'm taking it easy.  I've read some blogs, fed the puppy breakfast and watched a Portlandia with Scott on Netflix while he worked on my tight shoulders. Next up is Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. But for now Lenny is laying on top of my leg and Scott is wrapping presents for his sisters' birthdays. I wouldn't have it any other way.

10:00 am: Due to pounding headache I'm using this awesome Narayan balm. I figure I'm probably not the only who has body pain from time to time so thought I'd show this little gem off! My massage therapist uses it on me and it's amazing. I ordered it off Amazon and it's only 9.62! It has menthol and white camphor (what does this mean and #whocares) AND smells wonderful. #priorities

11:00 am: It's coffee time! This is one of my favorite parts of my day. Scott and I budget for a coffee out once a week so I always look forward to getting my cold brew latte. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is about 7 blocks from our house so we love taking Leonard on a little walk down there to get our coffee. 

12:00 pm: I did some reading and journaling. This book is so good!!!

1:00pm: I worked on organizing! I bought theses shelves from Marshalls last night and I love them!

2:10 pm: We took Lenny to his vet appointment and they explained pet insurance to us. So many options. #ohmy

2:50pm: Scott and I grab California burritos and head to the bay to meet our friends for a doggie play date! 

3:50pm We just love Fiesta Island! There is so much space to roam and play. We walked a 2.5 mile loop and even got the pups out in the water! 

4:30pm: I give Lenny a bath since he's all sandy and wet. He does not enjoy his baths at all. 

5:00pm: Lenny gets some snuggle time + salami. He had to endure two things he hates: the vet and getting a bath. :)

6:00-9:00pm: These hours flew by and they consisted of Scott and I cleaning our floors. (swiffering and vacuuming #superexciting) I also did some emails and Scott made us quesadillas for dinner. :)

9:15pm: Time for a movie and ice-cream! I love this chocolate gelato. We decided to watch the first Harry Potter since Scott just finished newest book (the 8th one!). 

12:00am: Nightie Night :)

I'm excited to see your pictures and read about your day! 


  1. These pictures of Lenny are all so cute! I didn't get to see his bath time, but he looks so sad in the water!

  2. I'm sorry you had a headache, but such a perfect day in many ways. Loved the pictures!

  3. Hi Heather, poor baby Lenny! Hubby & I make such a fuss of Jade when she has her shower, we talk to her the whole time and tell her what a good girl she is and I even get in the shower with her so end up with mostly sodden clothes, I take the shower head off the hook to wash her so she doesn't have water hitting her from up above. She's such a nervous wee lamb. What about toys? Letting Lenny have toys I mean? Jade used to take a rubber squeaky toy through to the shower with her but hasn't for a while now, she even trots through and steps into shower on her own bless her :) Lenny is still a baby bless him, maybe he won't be scared as he gets older? Also a thought hit me, if Lenny doesn't like the vet I'd try out a few others, not setting appointments or anything though! I mean just take him for a walk past, around their office, he'll let you know where he feels safe. I trust Jade implicitly, she adores her vet and pulls to get into the office :) Loved your post Heather, thank you for sharing, sending heaps of huggles always xxx