Sunday, September 6, 2015

Blog-Tember Day 6 | Maxi dresses, braids and bright yoga pants

Today's prompt: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, avoid?

I seriously cannot wait for fall! I am so read for summer to be over. I am way more biased towards fall fashion but since we are still nice and warm in San Diego I figured I would give my two cents on summer fashion.

High rise shorts: I am neutral about these. Some fit great and I like the look. Others make me feel like they are trying to merge my upper thighs with my upper stomach by pulling.

Crop tops: I kind of feeling like you need to have high-waisted shorts for a crop top but what do I know. #notafashionexpert Once again, some of them I like, some I really don’t.

Basic white, gray and black tees and tanks: I will always love these. And thankfully they will always be in. (I also go for funny too)

Denim vest: I was worried I wouldn’t like how these feel on me but found one at Target on sale so I bought it. Also my sister who lives in Oklahoma has the same one and we didn’t even know it. #sisters #sameminds

Over-sized shirts: I am so happy about them. I love them. Slouchy is always in.

Maxi dresses or skirts: If you want to stay cool and not think about your outfit too hard this is the best thing ever. I searched and searched for just the right Maxi all summer. I finally found one at Bannana Republic on super sale. 30 bucks. Thank you very much.

Yoga pants: I LOVE THEM.

Shirt tunics : I think they are cute on people but I do not like them on me.

Printed shorts: YES.

Culottes: Once again, they look good on others but they make me feel boxy.

Overalls: have not bought any yet but loved them as a third grader!

Printed Palazzo Pants: They feel like pajamas. And you can wear them in public. They are awesome.

Braids: I am so happy about braids. This is my go-to when I haven’t showered in the morning and I need something quick but also (hey I did my hair!) look.

Mainly I avoid tight, squishy and itchy. Therefore I avoid turtle necks at all costs, wool sweaters and squash-my-ass type clothing. I want my curves to be free. I don’t want them to be constricted to specific sizes by buttons, zippers, hooks and snaps. I want to feel free and mobile in my clothes (also why I avoid high heels like the plague)

What fashions are you drawn to? How do you like to feel inside your clothing?


  1. I love that "no coffee no workee" t-shirt.

  2. I also love the no coffee no workee shirt. So cute and soo me! Haha. And I love me some braids!! Maxi skirts and dresses are the best.

  3. YES YES YES to yoga pants. I wear them any chance I get. They're the best!

  4. I love braids too! They're pretty, easy, and get my hair out of my face. Also, yoga pants save every situation as far as comfort is concerned!

  5. I reeeeally wanna get a jean vest, but like you were I'm kind of... ehhh, about them! Maybe I should just take the plunge!

  6. I love to see women wearing the Palazzo pants. They are comfortable indeed. :)