Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blog-Tember | Day 19 The Best Day(s)

Today's prompt: Tell us about one of the best days of your life!

Wow! It is hard to pick to pick only one of the best days. I have so many favorite days. A few jump to mind:

When I was in third grade and went to pick up my first puppy ever: a black labrador. She was adorable and cuddly and so scared to be away from her mom. I loved every minute of her. 

Thunderstorms growing up in Nebraska and homemade chocolate-chip cookies

Running Cross Country with my team in Minnesota one day in the middle of fall and "finding" an apple orchard one day and eating apples and fresh squeezed apple juice.

The first time I went kayaking

Getting the letter that congratulated me on being accepted into LA Film School for an internship

A day in Hawaii that included snorkeling, journaling, reading and Mai Tais. 

My very first date with Scott

The day I got a call saying I got the position for my practicum site for my Marriage and Family Therapy program

My first Thanksgiving in Yosemite

My first day in Lucca, Italy

A day spent in my neighborhood, drinking coffee, reading and going to the monastery. 

And of course, our wedding day. 

I'm grateful to have so many "best days" and "favorite moments". The list could go on and on. And what is ironic is that some of my best days aren't necessarily all that glamorous and exciting. I look back and have this calm and content feeling about those days and that is what makes them so good. A lot of my favorite days came after many hard days and it seems my relief was so great that everything was seen in vivid and bright color.

I feel cliche being one of "those girls"who really does see her wedding day a one of the best days. (I guess the other side of the coin would be a-not-so-good day and I'm grateful it wasn't that!) It was a dream come true. Our engagement was hell. I grieved the death of two people during that time, lost my job and went just about financially bankrupt during that time. My engagement was a time of coming out of hell and figuring out how I was going to piece my life back together one day at a time. Scott loved me and adored me through it all. My friends and family drew close and helped me pick up all the pieces. Come our wedding day, I were both just floored with gratitude, and stunned that we could experience something so beautiful and breathtaking as unconditional love as well as being surrounded by all those who love us and know us best and who had walked with us through the fire. My wedding day reminds me that love wins.

What are some of your best days?

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