Friday, September 11, 2015

Blog-Tember | Day 11 Friday Night Heaven

Today Prompt: It’s Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

I love this prompt so much! Going back to work after a long weekend and my parents coming for a visit certainly gave me the back to work blues. I struggled so much to get up every morning. Sitting in traffic made me want to punch something. The new protocol and paperwork at all the schools has my head spinning. And the 100 degree heat has made it so hard to sleep.


Tonight we are going to my sweet and lovely friend's barbecue to celebrate her birthday. I was so at Target last night roaming the aisles for last-minute add-to-gift ideas. I love birthdays! 

If I’m staying in though, more than likely, Scott and I are going to opt for take-out-Thai. I’ll either get Yellow Chicken Curry or the Pad Thai Chicken. We’ll watch a funny show (like Parks and Recreation or we’ve been on a Brooklyn Nine-Nine kick recently). Maybe I’ll paint my nails a new shade. I just bought this sea foam green color I’m excited to try out.

I’ll light a candle, make popcorn and settle in to a cozy and calm night. I’ll turn up the fans and pretend it is fall. I’ll probably crack open a bottle of chilled white wine. Maybe a Pinot Grigio.  There will probably be chocolate. Unfortunately tonight I will probably opt for hot tea instead of wine as I am starting to get sick! As soon as I'm back to work at the school it seems a terrible cold is already on the loose just waiting for me. Ugh. Thankfully Scott used to work at The Coffee Bean and Tea Life and knows how to make me the "medicine ball". It's my favorite when I'm sick. 

Some nights it’s fun to just have a “ready party” and share space. I can't wait for the new Mindy Kaling book to come out! But right now my brain is so fried I can’t comprehend having capacity to even take in new information.

So here’s to birthday parties, Netflix, wine hot tea and chocolate kleenex's! Happy Friday friends!

This is where true party people hang.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you're getting sick :( REST REST REST......(yay! An excuse to sleep in late!!!)

    1. Thanks Helen! I am trying to hard to when you feel sick cause the breathing is difficult with all the congestion! bah!

  2. I love Friday nights in with a good book, hot tea, and a great smelling candle!

    1. Oh that's so perfect! Thanks for stopping by Elle! :)