Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blog-Tember | Day 10

Today's prompt: 10 13 items off your bucket list

I do have a bucket list! A few years ago, when Scott and I were engaged we decided to create a life long scavenger hunt for ourselves. We have a total of 70 items! We called it that because "bucket lists" mess with my achiever nature. I can get stressed just thinking about wanting to check things off a list rather than enjoying the process. So for me, reframing it as a type of “scavenger hunt” was helpful. I don’t HAVE to do these things but I can if I want to go find them or experience them. I try not to take them too seriously. (BUT I SERIOUSLY WANT A DOG)

It was tricky to pick but these are some of my favorites.

Go to Italy together
Hide a 100-dollar bill for a stranger to find
Publish something
Become licensed
Visit a coffee farm
Hold the beaver face for two whole minutes in public
Get a dog
Experience Amish life for 24 hours
Send a care package to a random address in the phone book
Leave a 100% tip at a nice restaurant
Go wine tasting together
Go to Scotland together
Catch fireflies

A lot of these things Scott and I want to do, find or explore together. But some of these I’m kind of on my own. (such as getting licensed and publishing something!)

I’m excited to read about your bucket lists!

P.S. It is way more awkward than I imagined to do the "beaver face" in public for two minutes. We did it at the grocery store. So hard not to laugh. 


  1. Hide a $100 for a stranger is a great idea!

  2. Oh these are some wonderful ideas 😊

  3. Couldn't help but laugh at your beaver littles do this all the time and it absolutely cracks me up (esp. when it's in public!) that your list includes so many things designed to help others....I could help you out with the coffee farm one if you were ever to venture down here and would be more than willing to orient you as far as I'm able regarding the Scotland one if you make it across there when I'm back in the UK...Helen xxx