Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog-Tember | Day 29: Blog Topics that Feel Just Fine

Today's prompt: Write your own list of blog topics to inspire us next month

This is so bitter-sweet! I am sad Blog-Tember is coming to a close. I've had so much fun! Today I am sharing 12 blog topics to keep us inspired for next month. These are a work-in-progress. They are just ideas, not exactly blog titles. These are some things I'm interested in hearing more about and am excited to write more about! 

  1. Top 3 favorite foods and why
  2. Adventures in Urban farming
  3. Sexism and it’s role in the church
  4. What does our faith have to say about the diet industry and obsession with being thin?
  5. 5 Ways to Get More Natural Light in Dark Rooms
  6. What To Do When You Feel stuck mentally, physically or spiritually
  7. A-Z list on Introducing Psychology or maybe some kind of theory I love
  8. FAQ about Me
  9. Pros and Cons of West Coast Living
  10. Pros and Cons of Midwest Living
  11. 10 reasons not to give up caffeine
  12. Fall City Guide For San Diego
What do you guys want to read about? So looking forward to your lists! 


  1. Heather these are fabulous! Body image will always be a worthwhile topic for debate, so much harm is done by the media obsession on being thin. Young girls (and boys) need to be told often as they grow up that they are beautiful, that they are perfect just as they are, that the magazines peddle fantasies (airbrushing photos etc) and that those fashion shoots they spend hours staring at (and comparing themselves to) are NOT real. Number 5 is a favourite of mine :) mirrors! I adore mirrors for adding light. Place where it will catch the light from a window and oh my what a difference it makes. Too obvious though, I would love to hear other solutions.

    Number 6, goodness, I know what I would so love to do when I feel like this. I would love to step inside the canvas print we have in our master bedroom, walk down the sandy steps onto the beach and just sit with the wind blowing my hair and breathe the salt air. Unfortunately I don't live near enough to the beach so I stare at my print and dream :) I would so love to read an introduction to psychology. I haven't ever studied it (only read books on the topic, at University I studied history & philosophy) so it would be fascinating. Sexism in the Church would also be interesting, as well as in the wider society because it does unfortunately still exist, there is still a glass ceiling in the world of work. The lowest paid jobs are still predominantly done by women. Women are penalized in their pensions, in terms of promotion, by taking any time off to have children or to raise their families. Your pros & cons of West Coast living made me smile because there has always been a gulf between living on the West cost (as I do) and the East coast of Scotland. It intrigues me that this isn't just a "Scottish thing." I LOVE your topics Heather, thank you for sharing, huggles xx

  2. Love it. I absolutely love your prompts. They are so good. I will definitely be coming back to borrow a few prompts.

  3. Great topics! Will be using, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Wonderful topics. I'd love to read what you have to say about them, because you have some very interesting ones!