Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blog-Tember | Day 2

Today's prompt: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you?

I have been pondering this one with much joy and anticipation. Creating my ideal day sounds like the perfect remedy for an ordinary day. It’s hard to decide the setting first of all, should I be on vacation in Italy or flying off to Hawaii? Or should the ideal day be where I actually live?

An ideal day would begin with me sleeping in and waking up to the sound of rain. And it would be Tuesday because who has Tuesdays off of work? IT sounds sneaky and amazing. Also I love rainy days when you don’t have to work. I would hear it pitter-patter against our window by our bed. Scott and I would get up and perhaps he would make chocolate-chip pancakes and bacon. Our apartment would be naturally clean and pristine because on #idealday you don’t want to clean.  Then we would go to our neighborhood coffee shop, Dark Horse. Maybe it’s fall and their pumpkin syrup is available now. We would bring out books and read and drink our coffee in cozy solace. I would wear a scarf, yoga pants and a hoodie or sweater because it’s cold. #dreamingofcoldweather #summerproblems

After reading and drinking our coffee, perhaps we would head to the beach because the fog+clouds+no crowds=favorite kind of beach day. Maybe we would go visit the lighthouse or just go exploring. We would take our rain jackets.

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy days is go get PHO which is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of rice noodles, broth and beef. Words cannot describe how much I love this soup with all it’s savory deliciousness. It’s the perfect things to have on a rainy chilly day. They serve tea in the cutest quaint cups and you feel absolutely charming drinking from them.

Since this is an idea day I’m going to just assume we have some extra cash and we decide to go shopping (because rainy day=shopping day). Scott and I’s favorite stores are right next to each other, Anthropologie; where I would go hunting for candles or a dress and he would go to Sur La Table hunting for some new and exciting cooking utensil. Maybe I would buy socks at Madewell because they are so cozy. I would stop in to JCrew to visit my good friend who works there. She is the Visual Merchandising Manager and she always knows what I would like and what is aesthetically pleasing as well as artistic and fun.  Scott and I would meet up later to debrief our glorious shopping trip.

Now that the rain has died down we would go back to our place and go for a walk in the neighborhood. I love seeing the world after rain. All the trees and flowers look refreshed and everything smells brand news. Maybe we would walk to the monastery garden and maybe we would see a “for sale” sign on a cute cottage or condo and buy it immediately because I forgot to mention we won the lottery today as well. #idealday

Later I would meet up for happy hour with some of my favorite girls for wine and cheese. I can’t decided whether we would meet at my favorite neighborhood wine spot called Vino or go to one of our homes, wear our pajama pants and braid each other’s hair and watch a sappy movie complete with chocolate and popcorn and puppies to squish.

Since this is my #idealday I have elongated the day. It is still only 6pm. I go home and Scott and I get dressed up to go downtown to Café Chole which is an urban café that serves boutique wines and has a French cuisine inspired menu. They have the best macaroni and cheese. At night, you can sit outside and it’s all twinkly and glamorous looking out over downtown under candlelight. (side note: it’s not cold anymore, this weather is crazy! Balmy evening folks)

If this was a “choose your own adventure” type day but with “choose your own weather” and my #ideaday was now sunny I would probably choose to go paddle boarding in place of shopping. ONLY on a random day of the week, not during summer because dealing with parking and crowds and tourists is not your relaxing cup of tea. I love paddle boarding.

I had so much fun writing this.

Excited to hear about your ideal days! Anything you would add??

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  1. My ideal day would be full of time with you! (I'm her husband FYI).