Monday, September 29, 2014

TWENTY-NINE | Blogging Advice

Today's prompt: What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner?

Oh dear. I was kind of dreading this prompt. I only have two pieces of advice. I think I feel a little embarrassed at my lack of blogging resources. I have recently been trying to become more connected to blogging communities and have signed up for bloglovin. It has been great because it sends me all my favorite blogs daily. The blogging community has been so warm and inviting to me. 

Ever since I was in second grade or from the time I could put pencil to paper, I have. I started keeping a journal in second grade on lined notebook paper. In third grade my mom bought me my first journal filled with a serene picture of a girl my age picking yellow sun flowers. I was in love. I wrote in my journal every day. I wrote about anything and everything. In high-school, my English teacher told me that my journaling had seemed to hinder my ability to write in scholarly papers. It didn't seem to stop me.

I published some of my writing in tiny corners and itty bitty spaces of the world but it never filled me up like writing for myself did. 

I started blogging because I love writing for me. I also hope it encourages those who read it. 

Ever since I could read, I would read as much I could squeeze in a day from novels to historical fiction to thrillers to psychology to theology to comedy to self-help to faith-based to feminism to child development. As a child I loved reading all the Bernstein Bear books with my mom before bed time. (I still love reading them) In third grade I started to read the Bible starting in John. (Even though I was extremely confused) I just ordered Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts" thanks to fellow bloggers recommending her.  

Once bloggers bloomed and emerged, I began reading blog after blog. I wish I had some stellar piece of advice on blogging but in reality I still consider myself an amateur. I don't understand design or buttons or pins or the whole advertising thing that well. I love photography but I havn't taken a class and basically all I know is how to push the button. (And if something looks pretty I push the button)

My main blogging advice for a beginner would be a list of two items: 

1. Write constantly
2. Read all the time

Happy blogging friends! What are your blogging resources? Where do you go when you feel writers block?


  1. Great advice! You're a fellow journaller! And good to hear that I'm not alone in my 'eclectic' reading style/approach!

  2. i don't think there is any other advice you need to give. all other "rules" don't apply to everyone, but writing and reading consistently will always be good advice.