Monday, September 8, 2014

Dave Ramsey, the bully*

So today marks the first day of using “cash only” for Scott and I. Yesterday, we went to the bank and pulled out the cash we needed for the rest of the month. 

I really have fought against this whole cash thing because I love CREDIT CARD POINTS. Also I love credit cards because after saving points, you get to USE them. It’s like free money you guys. I can’t hate them. I just can’t. But there’s some wisdom in using what you have and cash makes that VERY very clear. 

I am clearly NOT a financial advisor. I am a therapist and would rather listen to your feelings than talk about money. But good ol’ Dave, he likes to talk about money and he’s done pretty well for himself. Davey makes me feel real shitty about myself. Like I need to be more tidy about my finances.  When I interact with Davey via the web I think Dave! Slow down! No one can keep up with your perfect money magic. Sidenote: When I went on his website to utlilize it’s budget tool, it asked for my monthly income. Guess what! My monthly income wasn’t even an option on their list of incomes! (mine was way too high) Come on Dave! At least have my income included!

          On Davey’s blog he writes about the good and bad of carrying cash. His is educated and smart and he makes some good points. 

But I figured you might want to hear about my pros and cons for carrying cash since I’ve had a WHOLE day of using it. I’m practically an expert by now.

 The Bad:
  1.   How will you get credit card points and go on fancy vacations?
  2.   Someone could steal your cash
  3.   It runs out after awhile
  4.  Amazon doesn’t take cash
The Good:
  1. The general texture of cash is awesome and gritty and smells of musty joy
  2.   I feel rich carrying around a wad of bills
  3.  I always know what happens to my cash; it leaves my fingertips
  4.  Unlike a credit card, you can throw bills in the air like they are confetti. 

So there you have it. Dear Davy, you win.

*Dave Ramsey is not an actual bully.


  1. Rooting for made me literally LORRL at your number 3, "It runs out after a while"!!!!!!