Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SIXTEEN | Little Did You Know

I am doing "today's blog prompt" for the day it was actually written. Today! Hurray! Check out this girl's fabulous blog for more prompts this month. 
Today's prompt: "Most people don't know this but…"

I love the smell of gasoline, library books and rubber cement.
I can’t stand "diet" anything. It tastes like nothing. 
I think it would be really cool to be Amish. I want to make homemade soap, and homemade candles and live in the fields

I want to give birth to red-headed children…but Scott and I don't have red hair.
I played volleyball, basketball, tennis, and ran track in middle school and high school. I was also a golf instructor, swim instructor and soccer coach.
I have extremely high arches in my feet which has cause me to have to be really picky about the shoes I buy
I hate HATE milk but I have to have it in my coffee. 
When I lived in Los Angeles for a brief period I LOVED it
Most of my life I wanted to be shorter. 
I adore photography but don’t want anyone to know because then I feel like there’s expectations and pressure to be good at it (now you know)

I would love to be a mermaid
Ticks are 10x LESS scary than spiders to me
I prefer the rain over the sun
I prefer the cold to the heat but this one is pretty obvious.
I have a problem with picking. If I paint my nails I have picked it off by the same time the next day. It is so satisfying.
I feel like the whole female species is on my side and believe we belong to each other. I’ve had to work hard at challenging my skepticism regarding the male species. After all they are human just like me!

It's your turn! Tell me something most people wouldn't guess about you.


  1. Visiting from blogtember! We have a lot in common, I think it would be so neat to be Amish and get away from all the technology back to living off the land. I'm right there with you on photography, I love it but I hesitate to share the love with others because people expect some sort of crazy talent to manifest.

  2. I am with you on the 'diet' stuff. Seriously, why do people have it? And usually, don't diet things have more sugar in? I don't know. Nobody will get me to try diet versions of things anytime soon!!

    Yes, I love the cold weather more than the heat because then, my hay fever doesn't play up!
    Plus I love snuggling up in warm clothing.

    Popped over from blogtember!


  3. Visiting from Blog-tember: I totally believe that cockroaches are 100 times scarier than spiders (yuck!)...kinda with you on the whole 'female of the species' thing - we're so obviously far superior to men! I'd like to see a man cope with even what I have to cope with on a typical day. They'd be feigning 'man flu' by 11am!!!

  4. I love the cold!! You can always put more layers on and get warm. When your hot you take enough off.

  5. Ah who DOESN'T want redheaded babies?! Alas, i have less chance than you do hehe

  6. I want to be a mermaid too!!! I am a picker as well.

  7. Look at all these fun comments! Go Heather! I love all these not so secret (to me at least) facts about you. However, I did not know that you liked the smell of gasoline.... interesting. I will admit that I sorta like the smell of cigarettes even though that is equally disgusting (and I will never admit it to my kids). P.S. I DO have red hair but have no children with red hair. How's that for luck?

  8. i want to be a mermaid too! or a unicorn/pegasus.
    i pick at my nails too. i have suprisingly done better recently but i also pick at my face...its so hard not to!

    1. It IS so hard not to. I pick my face as well :)

  9. It could be pretty awesome to be a mermaid. They are by far my favorite mythical creature. And I don't have much experience with ticks at all but I know for a fact that I hate spiders.