Thursday, April 23, 2015

Can Women Have IT ALL Part 2

Today I am continuing the conversation I started in my last blog regarding if women can have it. I've been working on my list. Today is about the things I do. I assume creating a list of things I "don't do" so I can prioritize the things I really care about will be a bit more challenging. My personality wants to DO IT ALL. But alas, you saw what happens to my face when I try DO IT ALL…. 


I do want my life to face and be towards Jesus. I do believe I need a rescue, always, and every day. I believe other people want that rescue too. I want to live a life that exemplifies freedom. I want my life to be about something more powerful and more divine than what meets the eye. I believe my body is created in God’s image and I am a sacred temple.

Therefore I do eat. I eat intuitively and am mindful of nutrition.

I also sleep, as rest is essential in life to be productive. I also believe sleep, rest and being still are some of my most sacred acts just like eating is. This is what I offer up to God.

I do therapy. I write a lot. I blog. I read gallons. I do book clubs. I do research. I educated on what is close to my heart. I care greatly about my adolescent clients.

I do funny because I need comic relief in my life.

I do take time to get deep tissue massages for my sore muscles. I also get my nails done from time to time.

I make time for movement. I take nature walks and do yoga.

I do love nature, fresh air, and weather; especially rain. 

I invest in good supportive shoes.

I do make the bed, but I hide a lot of stuff under the bed.

I do grocery shopping and I clean our tiny place with Scott’s help. My favorite is dusting.

I make time for art.

I always make time for coffee.

I prioritize my relationships with my flood community, my neighborhood and my friends. I do make time for my “safe and tender” people. I make time to do life together, to have meals together, play games, have picnics at the bay, have coffee dates or go on double dates together.

I do prioritize my family (which includes Scott’s family!) I do this through phone calls, text messages, letter writing and when finances permit, traveling to see them as they live in northern California, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Florida, and Minnesota.

My sisters and I send prizes in the mail to each other.

I make time for Owen because I have known him since he was 15 months old and I love him dearly.

I make time to write E-beth snail mail because our friendship since third grade is very important to me.

Scott and I do go to church but not every day or every week even. We go to church related workshops and we love hearing our friends speak. 

I make Scott and our marriage deep and meaningful through intentional conversation and quality time. Right now, we make time for dates nights 1x a week. We practice “dream night” where we spend time intentionally pursuing our hobbies and every Saturday morning we go to our favorite coffee shop and have a “reading party”. We pray and list out what we are grateful for each night as we hit the pillow.

I do travel. Not all the time but I am okay with giving up a week of pay if that means exploring the world more, seeing my family or re-connecting with Scott on a romantic get-away. I might not be able to go out of the country yearly but I can usually get in my car and at least drive somewhere new.

I do make time to see my therapist. 

I do empathy and self-care and validation. 

I defend and advocate for society's definition of the "weak, vulnerable and highly sensitive". 

I do doctor appointments and dentist appointments even though I don’t like them. I do essential oils and I love them. 

*Clearly this is not an entirely exhaustive list. For example if I was to tell you everything I do, you might fall off your seat of boredom. I do wash my hands too ya'll. And I do shower from time to time. I check the mail too.


  1. These have been so good! I can't wait to see what is on your next list!

  2. What a great exercise. I'm definitely going to have a think about this. Thank you. [Loved your little PS and the humour throughout your post! I think we're *all* guilty of making the bed but conveniently forgetting about *under* the bed!]

    1. Hi Helen! Yes, that is so true. Sometimes hiding stuff under the bed is the best way to clean ;)