Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days of Self-Care day 3

I have decided that I am going to try do every self-care exercise that I write about. That way I am not just telling everyone to try these things out when I am not even doing them. So far I have done yoga and I have had food (every day, multiple times a day!)

Today I had a hair appointment. SO EXCITING. I have literally been on the books for an entire month. I was looking forward to it being Friday, getting done with work and being able to sit like I was at a spa while my hair was made beautiful.

My friend who does my hair is extremely talented. She is also a really great host. She makes you feel welcome right away. She asks what you want done. She is the expert in her field and I trust her with my hair. I trust her with my husband's hair! Today this was part of my self-care. She put color in my hair so I can go more blonde, cut and layered my hair, and styled it to perfection. She offered me wine and by the time we were done it felt like I had met up with a good friend to get drinks and came out with awesome hair.

We talked about a lot of different things, but one thing that stuck with me is how we can either be our selve's greatest advocates or greatest enemy. We have to decide to be on our side. Self-care is one way I am learning to be on my side. It is how I show up for myself and fight for myself. It's how I give myself what I need. My friend who was doing my hair said at one point during our conversation, "I need me for me" It struck me that we use multiple vices to cope with life's pain. It is much easier to numb ourselves or go on a desperate search for what will "cure" us when in reality we might need to just sit with ourselves and be there for us.

I now have beautiful hair and enjoyed some self-care today. It was great to relax and just have some ME TIME.

See you tomorrow friends.

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