Monday, March 30, 2015

Taking Stock: March

I have decided to participate once a month in Taking Stock. A very fun and creative blog :)

Here is my list for March: 

Making : Lots of to-do lists

Cooking : I haven't cooked much this month, but Scott has made some delicious dishes including homemade macaroni and cheese and beer can chicken!

Drinking : Cold brew coffee per usual. However have been trying to up my hydration and drinking tea as I have had influenza of the throat this month!

Reading: If you want to hop on over to my book list , you'll see more of what I am reading. Currently I am reading Savor by Shauna Niequist, Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery and the latest spring issue of Darling.

Wanting: An amazing blue and white stripe dress I found at Anthropologie today.

Looking: At all the people at Starbucks.

Playing: Ticket to Ride!

Deciding: on what to do once I finish my 3,000 hours for my MFT

Wishing: I could change the world, specifically child labor laws as of today.

Enjoying: My anniversary trip with Scott, a play (You Can't Take It With You) this past weekend and a birthday party with one of my good friends. 

Waiting: Easter in LA this weekend with our family!

Liking: My clean clothes (I did laundry today-hurray!)

Wondering: What are the places to shop that do practice human rights and should I boycott all the stores in the world?!!

Loving: My coffee, my books, my journal and feeling better from throat influenza.

Pondering: How many passions can I have and still be effective?

Considering: that less is more but not really liking it.

Buying: shorts for the summer!!!

Watching: Scott and I are re-watching Parks and Recreation but we LOVE it and are #obsessed

Hoping: That I win the HGTV dream home

Cringing: when I look at a huge pile of filing I have to do

Needing: to breathe deeply always and forever

Questioning: The way I do therapy

Smelling: Coffee

Wearing: Leggings (what else is new), a white tee.

Following: Meet Me At Mikes

Noticing: The minute I have energy (aka finally have antibiotics) I feel like I need to go conquer the world

Knowing: I am loved.

Admiring: People who good at cleaning out clutter.

Sorting: My clothes and books and hoping to get rid of what I don't need.

Getting: excited!

Bookmarking: Rey Swimwear. So cute.

Coveting: Probably the above.

Disliking: Something that comes once a month and is red.

Opening: Washing machines

Giggling: at silly jumping goats

Feeling: grateful

Snacking: Trader Joes Pita Crackers and Goat Cheese. 

Wishing: I could travel to Scotland.

Helping: Doing some spring cleaning!
Hearing: Some kind of odd jazz music with a bit of techno.

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  1. I really like this! I think it is a great idea for us to take stock of our lives like this!