Thursday, March 12, 2015

7 Reasons Why I Wear Leggings Daily*

I know there has been a bit of a debate on if leggings are actually pants. From my personal opinion and experience leggings are a form of pants. I wear them on my legs and that is how I came to such an intelligent conclusion. Leggings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs and I LOVE them. However I would like to distinguish them from tights so that no one becomes confused. Tights are see-through and should NOT be worn without a dress or skirt. So when I talk about leggings I am talking about a certain level of thickness in material that I hope all of us work to achieve so that we can remain chic, classy and fabulous. Here are the 7 reasons why I love wearing leggings.

1.     Cheap: Good jeans can be anywhere between $40-$150 dollars. Good dress pants? So expensive.  Good leggings? They are anywhere between $10-$20.

2.     Comfort: Leggings are soft and light weight. They are tight but not suffocatingly tight.  They are easy to move in. I can do downward dog or an inversion in yoga without any fear of things falling out.

3.     Versatile: Need to do a cart wheel? No problem. Need to sit cross legged? Go for it. Need to be with the puppies that jump on you? Yes please.

4.     Simplicity: Every morning decisions are easy. Thankfully I work at a high school where business casual is just fine. If I just use layers, long shirts and jewelry my black leggings fit in just fine.

5.     Stylish: for any occasion. I wear them to work, church, out with friends, yoga and for a walk around the neighborhood or at the beach. I wear them in different colors depending on my outfit, red, black or gray. Leggings are great with over-sized sweaters and long shirts as well as ankle or knee boots. Every summer I eagerly await breaking out my leggings for the fall and winter months!

6.     Breathable: I can breathe better in them. I don’t have to hold my breath as I squeeze into skinny jeans. I’m not forcing my curves into claustrophobic spaces. Instead, my curves are free. Leggings never squeeze and squish my reproductive organs the ways other pants and skirts do.

7.     Why wouldn’t I wear leggings?

What is a staple item you wear every day? 

*Dedicated to my sister Jessica Sherwood who is the Queen of Leggings. 

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