Thursday, March 10, 2016

Picture Perfect Project: March

Hi Friends!

Happy Thursday! Excited to be linking up for my second month of The Picture Perfect Project! I don't know about you guys but spring is in the air here. I realize that San Diego is notorious for un-ending summers but there are subtle differences when spring arrives. We had rain this week and even some thunder! On my neighborly walks I've been noticing flowers popping up. My favorite is the Cherry Blossom Tree that is just bursting with cotton candy pink these days.

This month has brought some joy and some pain. Pain as I've been struggling with chronic migraines. I've struggled with them before but some seasons they just intensify and this is one of those seasons. It's especially discouraging to wake up with one. After seeing doctors and trying medications, or investing in essential oils,  getting a deep tissue massage or doing some gentle yoga with still no positive change, it can be very disheartening. I remind myself that this too will pass. It always does. Sometimes it goes on much longer than I like, but eventually it goes away and the best I can do is take care of myself in the process and take deep breaths. #thistooshallpass

This month, joy has come to me in the form of a little pup! Yes, we finally got a PUPPY!!! We are so excited (and I'm sure you can guess the theme of my pictures for next month). We have rescued a little mix that is about 4 months old. We have had him just for 5 days now but he already feels like part of our little family. That being said, it has been a TON of work. Of course going into it, we knew it would be and were ready for it. It's been lots of 2am potty calls and lots of cleaning up little messy piles on the floor. We are such proud puppy parents as he has already learned how to sit and is learning to sleep through at least part of the night.

So my choice of photography this month is COFFEE. I'm sure you can understand why between dealing with migraines and a new little puppy, one needs energy and a little caffeine boost. Coffee shops are also one of my favorite places in the world (specifically the one around the corner from our place, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters) and so when I'm at a coffee shop I feel all is right in the world.


My sweet sister-in-law gave me some pointers on photography one weekend in Pasadena as she's a brilliant artist. She told me about the rule of three and about turning your phone upside down. I was pleasantly surprised with the fun angle it gave it! (top Copa vVda picture)

Excited to see all your photos this month friends!!


  1. Im so sorry to read about your migraines. Ive had migraines sunce I was 9 and they are debilitating. I hope this will pass quickly for you. Love the pictures! Im dying to turn my phone upside down now :) Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Most good things in life come with challenges. "It's all good" catch phrase is true :) love the coffee drinks and other remedies that help! Take care of yr lill head.

  3. Oh Heather I'm so sorry angel, migraines are the worst :/ I so wish I could take them away for you x Please try to rest when you can and drink lots of water, I have absolutely no idea why but it seems to help whenever I have migraines. I'm so, so happy about your new furbaby! Whoever it was who said you can't buy love has never been to a rescue, well done for saving a baby and giving him a new life, he'll love you both forever and a day for that. We adopted our furbaby Jade from a rescue when she was only months old and wouldn't be without her for the whole world. I'm so looking forward to seeing your photos next month, what's his name? Sending you mountains of feel better soon hugs dear wee friend, take care of you, huggles always xxx

  4. Great job on the photos! My favorite is the second photo, with the spoon on the plate. The colors and lighting are beautiful! I am so sorry to hear about the migraines. I have also heard that drinking lots of water helps. Have fun with the pup!