Friday, August 21, 2015

TRAINING Confessions

Today I started my two-week-training program before I start my new job. Scott is my official trainer. The other day someone seemed very interested in my training program. They were all, “What kind of work-out do you do?”

Oh that. I’m training to wake UP.


Yes. To get UP and OUT of bed each morning.

There will be no exercise regime. Are you serious?! It’s enough to get out of bed before 10:30 am. You see, not much has changed since kindergarten for me. Come summer, it is time to sleep in. Now that I work at a school, the same applies.

All summer I’ve been sleeping in like it’s my job unless of course it’s my job to go on vacation then I CONSIDER getting up before noon.

But seriously I am NOT a morning person. I hate getting up. I hate questions and conversations in the morning. I don’t like the way my feet feel when they hit the floor in the morning. All I can think about is getting coffee. Sometimes I stand in one place for a long time staring off into space (at least this is what Scott has told me he has observed).

Scott is most productive in the morning. He makes breakfast and cleans the entire kitchen and generally sets up appointments in the mornings. He goes on walks around the neighborhood and reads his Bible.  I think he’s crazy but to each their own. God DOES NOT meet people in the mornings. His business hours start at noon just like mine. God and I are similar like that.

So today was my first day. I went to bed at 12:30 and Scott suggested 7:30 as a good way to “ease into” waking up in the morning. EASE INTO IT! WHAT A JOKE!!!

Nonetheless I set my alarm for 7:30. I got out of bed at 8am which is a miracle. I was mainly motivated to see if it is actually cool outside at this hour before the scorching heat hits #augustproblems. I went for a walk around the neighborhood and it was calm AND COOL. And people were heading to work. I stared at everyone suspiciously. Like why are they awake and up and walking around?!!

You know how people are suspicious around those who are out at 11pm on a Tuesday night. Like why are they walking around the neighborhood or getting into their car. Where are they going?!! That’s how I feel about people in the morning. In my head, they are probably off to do something super shady at 8am. Cause it’s silly to leave your house before noon.

Anyway…I took a walk AND I headed to Dark Horse for sanity reasons. And now I’m writing so I think so far it’s been a win. I feel very accomplished. It’s just weird to have the whole day ahead of me. What shall I do next?

If you like mornings or have tips for me please leave them below. Or if you just want to encourage me that would be much appreciated. In two weeks I have to go back to work and I’m going to have an hour commute. I can’t even FATHOM how early my training schedule will be next week.

Photo Credit goes to my trainer: Scott McGhee
This is proof training is working because now I need 
naps in the middle of the afternoon. 


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  1. Hah! I can totally relate, but completely the other way around: I'm an early riser (5am) and I simply can't stay awake beyond about 9pm (whilst still functioning) during school time....we've been training to go to bed no later than 8pm for the last few weeks....summertime bedtime is usually a little more flexible....8.30/8.45....but those 30/45 minutes make such an enormous difference to the littles during school time when they have to wake up before 6am to get to school....! No tips about early rising, sorry: my brother's exactly the same as you and we tried every trick in the book to try and change his schedule but nothing, no results on any front....he'll always be a night bird, I'm always going to be a morning person....!