Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Training Confessions Update

Today I woke at 6:45am. For those of you that think this is early* I’d like to apologize for anything that comes after this sentence.


I have been going at it for about a week now. I even went to the 9am church service on Sunday which I would NEVER WILLINGLY do but right now it’s important I have things to do in the morning. I’ve also been attending the IVAT conference (Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma). If listening to a session about how people use Scripture to justify abuse and corporal punishment of children at 8:30 am won’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.

Thank you for all your tips and encouragement. You all have been so kind and have humored me greatly. I really want to tell you some great newsflash about how waking up early* has changed my life but I’ve got nothing. It’s still morning after all. Still drinking my coffee.

Thankfully I am participating in this year’s Blog-tember-challenge for the month of September so I have been working on the prompts in the mornings as well. I guess that’s what I’ve learned. It helps to have something to do in order to motivate one self to get out of bed.

Only one more week till my first day at the new job! If I encounter any profound wisdom during my training program I will be sure to share it.

Btw, my trainer is in good spirits. I think he MIGHT be tired of telling me to get up early* each morning. (more than once or twice or wait….never mind…unnecessary information)

Now at least I can empathize with how he feels come 9pm every night. He is lethargic and sleepy. I, on the other hand, am ready to conquer the world, have a passionate discussion on public policy regarding prostitution or go on an adventure. But come early* morning as Scott wants to discuss all his dreams and plans for the day as well as the stock market, I am the sleepy grumpy one. It’s hard to string a sentence together much less make any kind of nonverbal gesture regarding the stock market besides a yawn.

Goodnight morning.

*Heather’s definition of early is used throughout this blog

** General public’s definition of hard; including but not limited to geometry, running a marathon, making homemade pasta noodles from scratch, hiding inside a fish bowl, or owning a unicorn as a pet.


  1. Love your post! It made me chuckle! (Can totally sympathise with your trainer's 9pm lethargy! SOOOOOOOO pleased you'll be Blog-termbering!!!!!!! Can't wait to read your posts!!!!!!!!

    1. Helen! Thank you for humoring me and reading my training blogs! Today was 6:30am. It was the worst. I'm so excited to be doing Blog-tembering with you too!!!! Ahhhh makes me look forward to September!