Thursday, July 6, 2017

20 Reasons to Celebrate America Despite it's Glaring Imperfections.

This week we celebrated the fourth of July.

And if I'm honest I felt a little sheepish about celebrating.

America is not perfect and this past political season has showcased that quite clearly. (it's been ugly)

It's really embarrassing.

I'm pretty appalled by the values we have ignored and disappointed by what we have prioritized.

So I did what I do when I'm feeling a lot. I made a gratitude list. I created a list of things I am thankful for when it comes to America.

I thought I would share it because even when things aren't perfect there are still silver linings and things to be grateful for. (and in no way does this EVER condone the mess we have made here)

Here's what I celebrated on the fourth of July (in no particular order)
  • The National Park Services
  • Public libraries
  • Trader Joes
  • Amazon Prime
  • San Diego beaches
  • Donuts
  • Stripes and stars are fun
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Jazz music
  • Baseball (especially the Padres and the Twins)
  • Steak
  • Fall in Minnesota
  • How obsessed we all are with our pets (especially DOGS)
  • Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and green bean casserole #yum
  • How big the sky is in Nebraska
  • Access to clean water 
  • COFFEE CULTURE and the whole take-it-to-go thing
  • Public education (as flawed as it is...)
  • Food portions are just large and it is awesome (especially ice-cream scoops)
  • All my friends and family that live here


  1. Hi Heather, fabulous post as always x I'm so sorry I haven't been around, I've been practicing being an awesome hermit though :) I haven't posted on Instagram for months & months, about only place I am regularly is twitter when stuck on sofa hugging Jade. Life is knocking the stuffing out of me on a pretty regular timetable recently it feels like or maybe I'm just not rolling with the knocks as I used to be able to do As a wise person once said, this too shall pass.

    I absolutely adore the photo of you, Scott & darling wee Lenny, perfect! You all look so happy and it just made my heart smile :) I hope you're having a fabulous week dear wee friend, sending heaps of huggles always xx

  2. Rosie! You are the sweetest! I bet you are an awesome hermit :) I am sorry to hear about life knocking you out. :( I hope that summer is treating you well and the sun is warm and cozy for you and sweet Jade and your hubby. Sending hugs!