Thursday, December 17, 2015

When the Dog Bites in the Form of Your Coffee Pot

Sometimes you have one of those mornings you know? The kind of mornings where you think you should just go back to bed.

Today I made coffee and somehow forgot to put our filter in it. You can only imagine the type of explosive coffee that was happening. Coffee grounds everywhere. Thick, mirky coffee slipping into all our drawers underneath the coffee pot. It ran into my pen and notepad/sticky note drawer. (which as you know, I ADORE my sticky notes) and then it ran into our kitchen towel drawer and then down into our tubberware drawer.

About this time, Scott offered to make the second round of coffee. As it's the last week of school for my clients I'm trying to be all pro-active by being on time and getting out of bed. (all very difficult things). The second round of coffee ended up looking like dirt water. Somehow Scott forgot to put the water distributor in the coffee maker.

I decided not to go too deep down the "shame rabbit hole" and just chalk it up to:

I clearly can't make coffee before I've had coffee.


I merrily skipped off to Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. After my sob story the barista said the coffee was on her. It made my day. It's crazy how one act of kindess can literally turn your mess of a morning around.

Once I finally arrived at my school, I remembered fondly how my office is a freezing ice box because only the air conditioning works. Since we've had lows of 39 I have really felt this chill as I sit in my office in my coat trying to cut out Christmas trees with scissors and numb fingers. My poor clients have been so cold!

So today I decided to see if I could at least do paperwork in the library at least for the morning till the chill wears off. I introduced myself to the librarian and she was so warm and kind. (and dare I say, almost happy to have me?!) She had Christmas music on and offered me bottled water and orange juice almost like I was at a cafe. I can't imagine a better place to do paperwork. Elementary school libraries are the CUTEST. There's a stuffed Dr. Seuss hanging out, Christmas books on every table, a stuffed Clifford Dog and tiny little chairs and a large blue and red mat on the floor.

It's made me think about The Sound of Music and thinking about my favorite things... when the bee stings, when the dog bites, when I'm feeling bad....I'll simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!

Today my favorites things include, hot coffee, children's books, kind people, and the heater.

What are your favorite things? What helps you when "the dog bites"?


  1. Oh no!! What a dreadful start to a day! At least it got better and what better way is there to spend any time than in a beautiful library :) I'm so looking forward to having a few days to rest over the holidays because it really has felt like I'm trying (and failing) to keep up at work this past fortnight or so, I need some time to chill a little. My favourite method of calming down is to hug our furbaby Jade on the sofa and watch TV or read :)

    Best news is that a new branch of one of my favourite book shops has opened nearby! I'm not to be trusted with a branch so close :) I was actually in a hurry when I spotted it and really shouldn't have but couldn't help but pop in quickly only to emerge with a new history book, a book of poetry and a "diet doodle diary" :) Sending mountains of love and hugs dear wee friend and wishes for a wonderful 2016, huggles always xxx

    1. Rosie! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I do hope you get some time to rest over the holidays. We SO need that. My favorite thing is to read a book or watch a show as well...I just need a little puppy. Hopefully in 2016! Your little Jade is just adorable. A book shop!!! How exciting! We have a little one right around the corner from our place. It's just magical living so close to a book store. Much love to you over your holiday break xoxoxoxo

    2. Oh Heather, a little furbaby would be wonderful! Jade is the centre of our home, bless her :) Even when she's taking a nap she makes me smile all cuddled under her blanket :) We adopted Jade from a local rescue. She'd had a very bad start in life and we're trying to make up for it by spoiling her silly :) She's still terribly timid, poor wee thing, and she's been with us for a little over five years now, our vet says she might always be a nervous wee dog, but I think that just means she needs even more hugs.

      You're so right about how awesome it is to have a book store so close, Heather :) I usually order from their online store and have lovely boxes of books magically appear on our doorstep but now I can actually go in-store, walk around and be surrounded by all of that lovely book joy :) I was given my very first library card at the age of nine, my Granmma took me to the local library to get it, she adored reading so much and wanted me to love reading too. From that day on nothing made me happier than being in a library, being surrounded by books :) Happy holidays dear wee friend, have a wonderful holiday weekend, sending heaps of love and hugs always xxx