Monday, November 23, 2015

30 by 30

As most of you know (because I am very mild loud about my birthday month) I turned 30 recently. I know many who have done "30 by 30" lists. I find them so fun and inspiring. Since I didn't do that I thought I would create a list of 30 things I did in my 20's. It's certainly a decade to reflect upon. My 20's brought so much to be grateful for. I often create mental lists in my head when I can't fall asleep at night. The list can be about literally anything and it usually helps calm my brain. So last night, I started creating my "30 by 30" list.

Here's a peek into my decade with the lovely 20's including highlights, lowlights, losses, discoveries, and firsts. Enjoy!

  1. I learned how to make candles
  2. I graduated with my bachelors in Interpersonal Communition with a minor in Christian Studies
  3. I started this blog and developed a little blog community I simply adore.
  4. Wrote my first screen play in film school
  5. Started seeing a therapist for the first time
  6. I experienced the wonder of self-care through art, writing, yoga, massage, essential oils and books. Started my first book club. 
  7. I went to Morocco on a missions trip with my church and rode a camel!
  8. Ran Cross Country and ran my first half marathon
  9. I moved from Minnesota to San Diego
  10. I graduated with my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
  11. I went to Finland and Italy with Scotty! And to Hawaii with girlfriends for the first time!
  12. I went to Yosemite and saw the Redwoods for the first time!
  13. I lost my lovely Grandma Moot who was generous and kind and the best Moot a girl could ask for.
  14. Became a therapist and saw my first client ever. 
  15. I was a maid of honor/bridesmaid in 7 weddings
  16. I recovered from an eating disorder after years of hard work, support and courage and now love holding workshops or presenting on body image education and prevention.
  17. Went to my first orphanage and fell in love with working with kids/youth who are vulnerable, feel lost and displaced. Love to advocate for these gems.
  18. Lost my good friend from college, Derek, tragically and suddenly
  19. Discovered my love for authentic Thai food (give me all the curry and pad thai please!!!)
  20. Lived on a roller coaster of dating and breaking up for far too long
  21. I got off the roller coaster and overcame my life long fear of committment and marriage and married my best friend. BEST DECISION EVER. 
  22. Worked 17 different jobs (including being a therapist at 6 schools, being an RA, working at library, being an admission counselor, receptionist, a nanny, an assitant director for children's ministry, a counselor at a treatment center, a writer for the examiner, an editor for the newspaper, and most random award goes to: being a cookbook binder at a factory one summer) #also #becameacoffeeaddict #duringthistime
  23. Learned more about what it means for me to be a feminist in marriage and how to integrate it with my faith.
  24. Met the lovely Baps and Mimi (Scott's grandparents) and lost sweet Baps this fall. 
  25. Learned about shame resiliance, courage, whole-hearted living and vulnerability thanks to Brene Brown's amazing research. I found my tribe. 
  26. Spent time with old family and friends and new family and friends (this is one of the most valuable and important ones and one I plan on prioritizing every decade) We are hard-wired for connection!
  27. Have finally accepted the fact that I'm obsessed with comedy in books and movies and that my entertainment preferences are slightly narrow. #parksandrecreation #mindykaling #tinafey #unbreakable 
  28. Dyed my hair dark brown and red (which turned pink) and pierced my cartiledge and got bangs! 
  29. Worked hard to stop being a hoarder by regularly giving away excess (especially in the closet region of our home)
  30. Discovered that rock bottom does not have the last word. I now believe wholeheartedly what Bob Goff says in his book Love Does," I used to think there were some prisons you couldn't escape but now I know there's no place I can go where God can't rescue us" I believe Love wins. Love will always win. 


  1. You're a babe. <3

    I did a 30 WHILE 30 list that was a blast! I failed miserably at completing it, but still had fun with Houston trying to check adventures off the list. :)

    1. You're so sweet Elise! And yes they are so fun! Scott and I have a "bucket list" and we've crossed a few off but mostly it's just been fun to try new things together :)

  2. What a wonderful post Heather, so many things to be proud of and so many blessings too. Even our loved ones, taken too soon, are precious blessings given to us when we needed them, and while it's beyond painful when they're called too soon, we were blessed with the time we had with them and we'll all see each other again. Of that I'm certain. You've achieved so many wonderful things angel and I'm so proud of you. Hugs always dear wee friend xx

    1. Thank you so much Rosie! Your comments brighten my day! I was self-conscious about my list and thinking maybe it wasn't "productive" enough, but you are right, experiences matter and I am so grateful for the people who touched my life. Excited to see them again. oxoxo

    2. We absolutely will see our loved ones again Heather, of that I'm very sure but you have many, many, many years of life, adventures, fun, laughter and all good things to see and experience before that happens. You've already achieved so much and have lots more to see and do. I hope you had a wonderful birthday full of smiles angel, sending mountains of hugs always dear wee friend xxx